Submitting materials

In order to produce a good final product we need a well-prepared PDF first. Please see related info below to ensure smooth production.

Primary (optimal) settings:

FORMAT: 1.3-1.4PDF
COLOUR: CMYK/HKS                Exception: spot colour previously agreed on.
PROFILE: No ICC profile
RESOLUTION: 300-500 dpi
BITMAP RESOLUTION: minimum 1500 dpi
LINE WIDTH:  minimum 0.05 mm
BLEED: 3 mm


1. It is highly recommended to create PDF from PostScript (PS).

2. The PDF should only contain embedded fonts.

3. Please make sure that if the black text is of one colour (100% K) it should overprint the surface, not punch it.

4. Crop marks must be at a distance of at least 3 mm and shall not be in the bleed.

5. Colour marks are not necessary.

6. It is recommended to set Trim Box to the publication’s cropped size (in this case crop marks are not necessary).

7. It is preferable to set pages as single pages, not as spreads.

8. When making the cover, spine thickness must be observed. Spine thickness depends on the number of pages in the book block and on paper thickness. In case of a board cover board thickness and its size (allowance; how much the board is bigger than the actual book body) must also be considered. We can provide separate guidelines on this.

9. Texts:

  • Black or grey texts should be of black colour, not four colours.
  • Colour texts should preferably consist of maximum three colours.

How to send materials


  • Important: the PDF name must be the same as the number of the page in the PDF to be printed (colophon).
  • Please do not use accents and/or the following characters in file names: <>#&@{};?§'”+!%/=()$ß

Sending new pages:

  • Should there be necessary to change a page for any reasons, the new document must have a new name, e.g. ‘001_corrected’.
  • It would be very helpful if every page were in a separate PDF. That way there would be no mix-up in case of a possible change in pages, and deleting the out-dated page would not cause any problems. If a PDF contains more than one page and there is a change, please submit the whole file again.

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